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Values a key factor in winning the war on terror

Andrew Sullivan links to a piece from a Lebanese Christian who grew up hearing anti Israel propaganda, but after being treated in an Israeli hospital, realized the difference between Muslim and Jew. This is a must read.


Howard Dean

Is it just me or is Howard Dean certifiably crazy? I mean, regardless of what he says, I’m likely not going to vote for a Democrat (thinking about not voting period this year) but its like every time he opens his mouth he’s a liability for his party. For someone as smart as he allegedly is, you’d think he could keep the gaffes to a minimum.

On the Geopolitical front, it appears as if the Israelis are going into Lebanon instead of just lobbing bombs at them. That’s a good thing, because the bombs are doing little against hezbollah. It really is going to take a ground invasion to root this thing out. Its too bad that Lebanon didn’t have a strong enough military to do this themselves though, cause its gonna be bad PR for the Israelis. I pray for peace, but not for faux peace created by politicians, but realy lasting peace that God can bring.