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Personal Post


I’ve been having a lot of trouble coming up with ideas for posts. Probably because life is crazy and uncertain and busy and boring all at the same time.

I need a job.

I’m gonna put the real estate thing on the backburner… I will continue to keep my license, but I’m going to be part time. I need a full time job. If anyone knows of anything open, I would greatly appreciate it. Preferably something with benefits, or something that pays more than 12 bucks an hour. I’ve got a resume if you need one.

In other news, I played a show at Rocketown in support of Ron Paul yesterday (Saturday). Most people left while I was playing, but I’d like to believe its because their friends had all ready played, not because I was bad.

I’m winning in the Blogger Bowl as of last week. Depending upon the outcome of the Colts/Patriots game that is currently underway, I may or may not still hold that position.

One thing that sucks about living in East Nashville is events at LP Field. Last night was the TSU homecoming game, so all the roads were closed to get to where I live. Today, there was a Titans game, and once again, all roads were blocked… and then the game got out. And the interstate became a parking lot. Its like downtown Atlanta before a Braves game.

As of last Friday, I have been married for 5 months. That is absolutely nuts. I’m gonna wake up one morning and have 3 kids, a mortgage, and still two cats. Crazy.

I think I don’t like church. Kinda weird coming from a guy who used to love church. It continues to become more and more awkward. Will I ever stop going? Nah. Maybe it will be more meaningful when I have said 3 kids, but for right now, everything about Sunday morning seems forced. Whether its Sunday School or the worship service. I feel like intellectualism is lacking at our churches. And it feels like emotionalism reigns. Man. I’m sounding like an old school conservative.

Anyway, that’s all I have. Comments are welcome.



Today is Wednesday. I am getting married on Saturday. So about three days. Approximately 80 hours. Wow.

We’ve been trying to move Carrie’s stuff into my apartment. I’m honestly amazed with how much stuff we’ve been able to squeeze into a 550 square foot apartment. But I’m realizing quickly how much my life is changing. Carrie is over here all the time, but moving in is something different. There are candles and picture frames and decorative lamps. Grocery items that can only be used as ingredients, but not consumed on their own. Girl stuff in the bathroom. Oh, did I mention the candles are the smell good kind? Bachelorhood is definitely over.

Gone are the days where I left a box of pizza out all night and ate it for dinner the next day. Say goodbye to only cleaning the bathroom once a month, washing my sheets never, and leaving baskets of clean laundry out rather than folding and putting them away.

But its all worth it. It really is. I’m gonna be living with my best friend til death parts us. I love Carrie in ways I didn’t know that I could love someone unrelated to me. Even when we’re mad at each other, even when something she’s doing is driving me absolutely up the wall, I still would lay down my life for her. Its a strange feeling. I know its cliche, but this type of love has given me a better understanding of Christ’s love for the Church.

So the next 3 days are gonna be a little stressful. We still haven’t packed for the honeymoon. We still haven’t gotten all our gifts in the apartment (and I imagine more will show up at the wedding). We’ve got a million things to do between now and Saturday, but once 6:30 rolls around at Owen Chapel, its all gonna be worth it to see my bride coming down the aisle in white (well, actually I think its ivory).

On a completely unrelated note, I think if I were to blog on our honeymoon, Carrie might shoot me in the face, so who all would be interested in my good friend Y blogging in my absence next week? He’s a really intelligent guy and will make you think ten times over. Let me know if you’d enjoy that.

Saying Goodbye to Memphis and hello to ?

This is my first night in my new apartment. I’ll be heading to North Carolina tomorrow and will be gone through the weekend. Then I will spend 4 more days in Memphis and come back here for good.

It kinda freaks me out.

This place that I’m sitting in right now, sans pants due to its taking 4 hours to cool down after the AC had been off for days, is my home. My house in Memphis is no longer my home… at least not in the same way in which its been. This apartment will be the first place that Carrie and I live. We’ll tell our kids about our first apartment, and how the floor was not flat and how the bathroom was barely big enough for one person, how our hippy neighbors downstairs are really awesome people, and on and on with other memories that haven’t been made yet.

I won’t be a Memphian any longer. I guess I haven’t been for quite sometime, though, whenever I come in on I 40 and pass the Memphis Welcome Center (which is on the wrong side of the interstate) I can’t help thinking about all of me that is defined by this place. The geography, the politics, the culture, the architecture… the PEOPLE; as much as I trash talk Memphis, there is a lot I’m going to miss about it. There’s a lot of Me in Memphis (pun intended).

I can’t help thinking that I didn’t do enough to leave a mark on this city. I went to power hour sometimes, did workcamp, I voted, but this city that, despite what I say, has treated me well and raised me well; I haven’t given much back. I regret that.

Anyway, I can always visit, and I’m sure that even as things change, it will still hold a place in my heart.

Moving out: For good this time

This time its final.

I know, I thought that the Summer of 2005 would be my last in Memphis, yet here I am, sitting at an office a mere 7 miles from my house, working a desk job. So when I say that this is my last time living with my family, I’m sure it doesn’t hold much weight. However, this time its certain.

The apartment I’m moving into is the one I will share with Carrie when we get married next June. A year from now, my family will be moving from Memphis to Nashville as well… so the city that has been my home for 21 years will no longer be my home, nor the home of my parents. Of course, while this is kinda sad, there are some high points as well.

First off… I WILL BE MARRIED! And not only will I be married, but I’ll be married to the most beautiful girl I’ve ever known, both inside and out. Second, my family will be much closer than they are now. Granted, Memphis isn’t too far away from Nashville, but the 3.5 hour journey from the boro back home is a little cumbersome. Its not a long enough drive to stop, but its long enough where the last thirty minutes start to drive you nuts.

Third, did I mention I’ll be married?

Anyway, in the next month I’ll be saying my goodbyes to a city with which I have a love hate relationship. I’ll probably blog about that pretty soon.

Being a Fiancee

I don’t think its really set in yet that Carrie and I are engaged.

I’m so used to calling her my girlfriend and now I’m calling her my fiancee, and it seems weird. I’m so excited about it, but its a weird transition. I realize that marriage is when you are officially joined for life, but for me, engagement is the beginning really. When I asked her to marry me, there were no thoughts in my mind about how this might not work out. I am fully certain it will work out, and we will do everything possible to keep our relationship healthy. I realize there are going to be hard times; times when we have vitriolic disagreements, times when that “lovey dovey” phase is gone, times when we might even question what we’re doing, but it really all comes down to this. Despite all those times that may and will come, I want to spend the rest of my life with Carrie. I want her to be my partner in everything. I want her to be the mother of our children. I want her to share with her in joy and grieve with her in sorrow. From now on, I’m no longer just Justin Mundie… I’ve given up independence in many ways. But all of that is worth it… I’m giving up freedom to gain something even more important; intimacy.

I’ve never been one that needed a whole lot of friends. I’d rather be around a few people that I’m really close with, and share my life with them. The thing I’ve always desired though is one person with whom I could share everything; a person that can be as close to me as is humanly possible, and I know I’ve found that in Carrie. She is the girl of my dreams… and I am so blessed that she’s agreed to share her life with me.