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September 11th

Six years later…

and we are no closer to ending the threat of terrorism than we were six years ago. Some could argue that we’re in more danger now than we were then.

 And when we memorialize this every year, and we hear the government warn of more terrorism, we are once again frightened. Which is exactly what they want.

Everytime you get on an airplane, looking suspiciously at the dark skinned man near you, terrorism has won

Everytime you agree to voluntarily give away the freedoms that make this country a great place to live, terrorism has won

Everytime our military accidentally kills civilians in Iraq and Afghantistan, terrorism has won.

Maybe we should take this day to ask whether or not redemptive violence will ever end this conflict. And whether their reasons are justified or not, they have reasons for attacking us, and our wars in the Middle East are further fueling the fire that causes Muslims to radicalize. When your child is killed in Iraq by the US military, whether or not it was intentional, I can understand the anger that would be felt.

And when Al Queda causes us to lose the moral high ground, then they have definitely won.


Do the Dems Really Want to Get Out of Iraq

I’ve been saying for the last several months that the Democrats aren’t really sincere about getting out of Iraq. If they were serious about leaving, they would defund the war, and our troops would be home.

 All they are doing is playing political games… I don’t know if its that they don’t want to be responsible for the impending violence that will occur when we leave, or if they are just trying to shore up a base so they can get power back. I guess if they think they can run the war better, like that they can win it, they would want to make sure they get elected, so they can “fix” things, putting themselves in the majority for a generation.

If you want someone who really is going to end the, we all know who you should be supporting.

“Right now, I could kill George Bush”

Surely that sentiment has been spoken by many people by now. Interestingly enough, this was spoken by a Nobel Peace Prize winner, speaking to a peace conference, by a person who claims to advocate non violence.

Something is wrong with that, don’t you think?

Heartbreaking Article

Hat Tip to my friend Y

When I say this, I know for sure that I will lose my “Conservative” credentials with Limbaugh, Hannity, et al (but I think that this is true  conservatism) when I this, but this is the new Vietnam. This war is being run by politicians, and run badly I might add. I shouldn’t be surprised when a good number of this administration attended Regent University.

Pay special attention to the last part of the article. I couldn’t help getting choked up.


Some mornings, I wake up and ask myself if I really want to make the effort anymore. Not the effort to live, mind you. I enjoy my life. I have a wonderful family, the best fiancee a guy could have, things are really great. The effort that I struggle with is this whole emerging process of my faith.

You see, a year ago Hurricane Katrina did me in. My modern perspective of God got hit with a couple left jabs and got knocked out by a huge right hook from the Gulf of Mexico. It was as if a bunch of questions I’d been having about my faith all really came together on the 29th of August, 2005. I wanted to give up. God no longer made sense to me and I was scared to death.

Fortunately, Brandon Scott Thomas, my friend, mentor, and worship minister took me to lunch after I expressed my concerns to him. He introduced me to Brian McLaren and once he did, I started getting excited about faith again. But, wouldn’t you know it, hard times have arrived again.

Since I’ve been rereading a lot of the gospels and getting commentary from people who are much smarter than I am, I’ve realized that Jesus said some pretty challenging things.  Stuff that I hadn’t missed the first go ’round, but that I had convienently interpreted in ways that made it appear as though I was all ready in line with said particular teaching. Basically, I’d dumbed things down. Now, I’m realizing how faulty my previous interpretations were and it scares me. It scares me because I don’t fully trust God. I look at the problems in the Middle East and the only solution I can comprehend involves war and death. I am having a hard time, however, finding any way that Jesus would condone war. Never in my life have I thought that he would say that it is a good thing, but now I’m starting to believe he’d always think its wrong. But, its just so hard to trust him and say, “things are bad, but I’ve got to die to self, even if that means laying down my life”. I don’t know how I could ever let someone kill those that I love, or kill me, in the name of Jesus or otherwise. I love Carrie Melton more than my own life and I would go to the end of the world to keep her from being harmed. But is that the ethic I should have? Should I harm other people in order to protect her.
I realize this is not my best writing, and I apologize for that. I may edit this tomorrow and make it a little more coherent. I haven’t slept much this past weekend. If you have any thoughts, or share similar concerns, I’d appreciate your comments.

War and Peace

All day long I’ve been thinking about this and how its going to effect our lives and the lives of countless citizens of this earth in the next couple weeks or months.

Jesus offers us some challenging words in regards to how to respond to violence. Turn the other cheek. What does that mean, exactly, and how should that apply in my life?

Some would argue that its a completely personal thing. Personal enemy and personal response. If someone I know hits me… I shouldn’t retaliate.  Others believe that it is beyond that. I should never show violence towards anyone. And finally, some believe that this call to pacifism should be an ideal of governments. Basically, when someone lobs a bomb at you… don’t do anything.

I have trouble with all of these responses. I think maybe they are all right to an extent… or maybe all partially right. Maybe if someone hits me, I shouldn’t hit them back. But, if someone is threatening the life of another, and I have the opportunity to save them, even if it causes harm to someone, should I do it? Or, can I support my government in war, even though my christian ethic believes violence is wrong? Or is governmental violence wrong in every situation. Was it wrong for us to fight in WW2? Was it wrong to drop the atomic bombs on Japan? It killed and injured many, many people. However, it saved a lot of lives (american and japanese) that would have been lost in a ground invasion of that country.

How does a true disciple of Christ follow the “turn the other cheek” teaching ?