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Democrats are only anti war when its convenient

Does this sound like Hillary is an anti war candidate?

And then Barack is all about invading Pakistan

Its why this election is driving me nuts. Both parties are essentially the same. They spend billions and billions of taxpayer dollars in order to solidify their base. They are both into nation building, except Republicans at least lie to the american people try to convince the American people about war being in our national interest.

I know some of ya’ll are probably wondering why I’ve decided to vote in this election after my recent conversion to Christian Anarchism. I’m rethinking things a little, and you can flame me for it if you like, but I felt like this is the last election where I could have a chance to vote for someone who stands against war and for free markets. That’s not a combo that you see very often in our current political climate.

If RP doesn’t win the nomination or run as  third party candidate. I won’t be voting. Its pretty simple. It doesn’t matter who you vote for otherwise, and if Diebold has its way like it did in Ohio then it won’t matter even if I vote.


Every time I go to Memphis…

I turn on Mike Fleming. He’s our local “conservative” radio host here in town. He’s not very articulate, but he’s often funny (mostly because he’s not very articulate). Anyway, today, as I made my approach into Memphis on I 40, Mike was on and he was talking about the latest scandal in Memphis politics. I couldn’t quite understand what was going on by listening to Mike, but I asked my Dad and he explained it to me.

MLGW is our utility company here in Memphis. At one time, our utility company was one of the most respected in the nation. However, several years ago, Mayor Herenton, or as we call him “King Willie”, decided to put a good friend, Joseph Lee, in charge of MLGW. Many questioned this decision, some charging Herenton with cronyism. Soon after, Memphis Light Gas and Water began having some financial issues.

Well today’s issue is that certain high ups in the Memphis Government, one with the last name of Ford (Yep, think Harold Ford Jr, John Ford, Harold Ford Sr, Ophelia Ford) who happens to be the city council person in charge of oversight for MLGW, hasn’t paid a utility bill in something like 3 years. Joseph Lee offered his resignation, but our wonderful mayor wouldn’t accept it. Basically, there was a list of certain people who didn’t have to pay their utility bills, namely powerful politicians in the city.

The scary thing is, this doesn’t suprise anyone.

Mick Wright is on top of his game

His critic of a socialist leaning media reform group is stellar. Enjoy.

Zoe Conference 2006

The conference was good this year. I enjoyed getting to see my future in-laws, as well as some other folks I haven’t seen in quite a while. The worship was uplifting, and while I didn’t like the cd to begin with, its starting to grow on me. I still don’t think its at the level of In Christ Alone or Ancient Future, but its definitely better than anything Hallal has put out (imho).

On Saturday, as I was returning from lunch, I was greeted by Phil Wilson, who invited me into a conversation he was having with Amy Westerman’s semi famous sister Nancy French. Nancy is an author and political commentator on the right side of the eisle. Phil had been goading her into a debate when he asked me to approach the table and join in the conversation because ” you [I] used to be as conservative as they come.” I realized quickly who I was talking to , as I’d just read Amy’s blog a few days ago that mentioned Nancy’s book. Nancy is a solid debator who knows what she believes and why, but we definitely differ on things. I imagine that a couple months ago we would have agreed more, and definitely a year ago we would have been on nearly the same page. But, as most of the readers of this blog know, I’ve been on a transformational journal in the last year.

Anyway, to make a long story short, as soon as I entered into the discussion, Phil took off leaving me alone with Nancy and a woman who turned out to be the lovely JettyBetty. Nancy and I had some good discussion (with JB as a moderator) and decided to part ways. I hope she comes around here some to leave some thoughts, because while I disagree with her, I believe her heart is in the right place (can’t know for sure) but I’m going to trust that that’s the case. I love discussing things with smart people who disagree with me. Its very easy to have a myopic view of things if you don’t ever hear the other side (or sides) of issues.

Anyway, topics coming in the next few days:

How I went from right wing evangelical to a partyless disciple


Homosexuality: Nature, nurture, or both?

Hope there will be some discussion!

There is a ton of stuff going on in the world today. In the political realm, the Foley situation has gotten more and more interesting by the minute. According to Matt Drudge, the instant messages that were leaked were to a young man who was 18, not 16 as previously reported. Also, there is speculation that a blogger (possibly the daily kos) is responsible for setting up a faux blog about pedophiles for the express purpose of outing Foley. I’m hesitant to even link to this, but has actually outed a whole host of Republicans… presumably for political purposes. Regardless your opinion on homosexuality, this is disgusting.

Second, gun violence in schools has been occuring more frequently of late. None of these incidents has gotten more coverage than the recent shooting at an Amish schoolhouse. After a week of discusion on pacifism over at GKB’s blog as well as some at, relating to Sean Hannity and Coleman Yoakum at Harding University, a real life situation has happened and real pacifism has been shown to the world. And not only that, but Spirit led forgiveness has been mirrored to the nations. Praise God for the Amish! Also, Scott Freeman is doing a series on non violence. It will be a good read.

And lastly, fall is arriving with full force. I think the foliage is going to be prettier than I’ve ever seen in my life. Its all ready gorgeous on 840 between the Boro and Franklin. High temperatures next wee will be in the 70s and towards the end of the week will be in the low 60s. I love autumn.

Changing Theology: What to do when your viewpoint freaks your parents

Actually, I don’t really have an answer to this. I’m hoping some of you out there have some ideas.

My parents have been moving along with me on a lot of issues from a theological standpoint. The emerging church stuff and postmodern thought, they are totally onboard. They dealt with my move from Republicanism to Libertarianism pretty well. I think they are having more issues with my shift towards Christian Pacifism/Anarchy (otherwise known as the Kingdom of God).

Understandably, my parents have issues with my relinquishing of support for any war waged by any country. It doesn’t make sense. I understand that. It didn’t make sense to me before, and it doesn’t make complete sense to me now. But I know its right. Its the way we’re supposed to behave if we really believe that Jesus means what he says.

Could one involve himself in government without the involvement becoming idolotry? Absolutely. But the temptation is always there. The temptation in voting is to say my ideology is best for the country because I know what God wants for us, so its actually what God wants for the country. How many of us are guilty of saying that? Or thinking it? I know I did. I did it when I was a Republican. I did it when I was a Libertarian (for the year that I was one). Its easy for me to say that because God wants us to be free, we should have the government that gives us the most freedom. Its easy to say that since Jesus rejected the idea of using the government to bring the Kingdom of God, that we should reject involving Government with Kingdom things.

But the problem is, for everything that its easy for me to say, its easy for someone to see it a completely different way. And that divides the Kingdom. When I want a Libertarian Government, and Larry James wants a Democrat controlled Government, it makes it harder for us to be brothers. If we stopped arguing politics and started being the Kingdom, things would be better.

Anyway, this was a big random “musing”. Thoughts anyone?

Why I Am No longer a Republican and Will Never Be A Democrat

Why I am no longer a Republican

1. Jerry Falwell

2. Pat Robertson

3. Sean Hannity

4. People that listen to those three people and don’t want to throw up afterwards

5. Premillenialist churches that believe a total Republican rule will make Jesus come


6. Ann Coulter

7. James Dobson

Why I will never be a democrat

1. James Carville

2.  Michael Moore

3. Randy Rhodes

4. Hollywood

5. Many leaders tend to be smug and condescending, believing that anyone who disagrees with is a racist, a bigot, an idiot, or just hates poor people.

6. Many have little or no knowledge of economics. At least I hope that’s the problem, cause if it isn’t, its utter disregard for economics

7. I believe the Democratic Party, which claims to be the tolerant party, is completely intolerant of those that disagree with them. I guess hypocrisy is a one word summation of that thought.

8. I believe their welfare programs have harmed the African American culture in this country in order to keep political power. People talk about Republicans opressing the poor, the Democrats do it under the guise of “caring”, which is even more desipicable.

Neither of these parties has enough redeeming qualities that I can get excited about voting for them. I can’t bring myself to withdraw completely from American Politics, if for no other reason than I think God can use the people of America to put whatever government he wants into power. He gave me a brain, and he’s put me in a country where we have a choice about who leads us, so maybe I should pray about it and come up with a decision. This decision must be electing candidates that i believe create an ideal circumstance for the Kingdom to break in, without forcing the Kingdom to break in. This, in my opinion, is neither Republicans or Democrats because both parties try to accomplish the will of God through the government; through obscenity laws and wealth redistribution respectively. I think I’m going to vote as a libertarian, if for no other reason besides the fact that they will legislate as little as possible and use the government only for essential matters. This will free up tax money that can be returned to the people and used to continue funding as well as begin new Non Profit poverty relief organizations.

But regardless of who I vote for, Jesus is my President. He isn’t just my savior. He is my Lord. No government of American will change that or replace him.