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Got Some Random Stuff

First, since today was Easter, here’s a scene from my favorite Jesus based movie/play.  Not the most scripturally accurate, but I love that it captures the political stuff that was going on at the time. Not to mention, the music is rockin.

Second, according to the London Telegraph, we narrowly avoided a “derivatives chernobyl” last week with the Bear Sterns bailout. We can only bail out so many banking corporations before hyperinflation sets in.

And third, for theology junkies, Richard Beck is discussing the merits and problems of Penal Substitution… if you haven’t read much theology, be ready to think. A lot.


I was just thinking how much I love this picture

Hope you enjoy it as well….

Dear Guys who call the Nashville Singles Line

No women calling that thing look like this

Stop dreaming.




Well, tonight is going to be our first Halloween handing out candy as a married couple.

I’m not quite sure what to expect, since I’m in a different neighborhood than those in which I grew up.

I don’t know what happens in the hood on Halloween. I have to imagine that its more interesting than in suburbia… more malicious tricks, like maybe, breaking into cars.

Do I open the door for trick or treaters? Will there be trick or treaters? Anyone ever lived in the inner city during Halloween that can help me out?

This is how I hover over water

Been Tagged By David and Malia

Check out David and Malia’s post to understand why I’m writing a post entirely about Phil Wilson.

8 Random Things About Phil Wilson

1. Phil spoke at my wedding.

2. While Phil was waiting to speak at my wedding, he whispered hilariously inappropriate things in my ear.

3. Phil is going to owe me a steak dinner at J Alexanders when Ron Paul wins the presidency.

4. Phil and my relationship started when he made fun of the tattered jeans I would wear when singing on praise team.

5. If Phil really wants to be emergent, he’s gonna have to change the way he combs his hair (per Eve Clevenger)

6. I would bet that Phil knows at least some Klingon.

7. Phil didn’t tell me that I was tagged for this, but eventually wordpress let me know (two weeks later)

8. Despite Phil‘s snarkyness, he’s actually a nice guy.