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Sean Hannity at Harding

Here’s a brief video clip.


Caught a Kitten and Hannity v Yoakum

Today, I was going to the bank to deposit a check, and all the sudden a kitten runs underneath my feet an into theĀ  undercarriage of my car.

I pulled it out from under there and took it home.

So, now I have a cat.

In other news, Cole Yoakum, a sophomore student at Harding University who stood toe to toe with Sean Hannity last week, has a blog and has something to say about the event. I respect this kid in a huge way. Its good to see that there are people at Harding who think outside the box and are willing to question things that they think go against the ideals of Christ.

And in that same vein, Greg Kendall-Ball is discussing why the argument that Hannity used against pacifism is not relevant.

Harding’s ASI Speakers

I kinda thought that after last year’s backlash in the blogosphere when Harding tried to bring Anne Coulter in as a distinguished speak, Harding would pick some moderate speakers, people from the lecture circuit rather than Burlesque Political Pundits.

I was wrong.

Mark Elrod has a list of all the speakers at his blog. Some of them I don’t have a problem with because they may have valuable insight. George Tenet for example, could bring some interesting words to the discussion. However, when I saw that Sean Hannity was the headlining speaker, I threw up in my mouth.

I won’t lie to you. There was a time in my life (brief as it was) that I listened to and enjoyed Sean Hannity. It was early on in my political awareness which was also the beginning of my Republichristianity. Anyway, soon after I made it to Lipscomb, I realized that, well….. Sean Hannity is a moron. He doesn’t let anyone else get a word in edgewise if they disagree. He tries to make sure to get the craziest people in the world who disagree with him to come on his show so he can easily make them look insane. If someone articulate tries to debate with him, he throws talking points at them, or asks them leading questions that would never work in a court of law.

Basically, Sean Hannity is political pornography. He’s an embarrassment to Christianity (Which he professes) and really he’s an embarrassment to our country and humanity. I wish he never spoke another word in the public arena. I think the world would be a better place.

And Harding, if you are reading this, I have enought beef with you anyway for not challenging your students theologically and socially, but if you let Sean Hannity speak, there is no doubt I will do all I can to keep anyone from sending their children to your school. You are in bed with the Neo Cons and I would venture to say that JC is probably unhappy.