Monthly Archives: June 2004


I haven’t updated in a while, but I thought I needed to put this somewhere in case it never gets to the editorial page.

I am a conservative who attended Moore’s movie on opening night. While I concede that I had my preconcieved notions about the film (from accusations of those interviewed in the film, and from my previous viewing of Bowling for Columbine and its grievous distortions) I went into the film trying to be as open to things that might be true as was possible. I quickly realized my hope of seeing a legitamate criticism of the president soon faded.

When Moore began with the clips from the 2000 election, I knew the direction he was heading. Like many on the fringe of the Left, Moore accuses that Bush “stole” the election and lies by omission when he says that “every possible recount situation had Gore winning”. Also, Moore neglects to mention that the mainstream media called the election for Gore before the (largely Republican) panhandle had even closed the polls. At least one study has been done by McLaughlin and Associates which found that quite a large number of Bush voters didn’t vote because the election had all ready been called for Gore, and that if they had voted, a recount would not have ever been necessary.

This is just one of the many distortions and lies that Moore pushes in his movie, not to mention the sophomoric name calling, and cute editing used to make the president and his Cabinet members look like incompetent idiots not fit to run the country.

All groups use propaganda to push their ideas. Advertisments are a key example. Using smiling happy people to promote products is propaganda. Moore’s movie goes beyond that. Moore intentionally leaves out facts and uses manipulating editing techniques to create an idea that he labels truth.

I encourage people to see this movie. Moore is all ready quite wealthy so boycotting this movie isn’t going to hurt him at all. When you see the movie, make sure to investigate the claims he makes, and when you find the distortions and the lies and the omissions, point them out to people. If Moore’s ideas were true and good, he wouldn’t need to use deception to acheive his goals.