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Global Warming is a Sham

Drudge is about to link to an exclusive where Al Gore claims that cigarette smoke is a major cause of global warming.

If that doesn’t show you that these guys are a bunch of facists using the church of environmentalist to control your lives, I don’t know what does.

Seriously, cigarette smoke? How much smoke is the wildfire in California putting out right now? How much does a volcano eruption put out? Cigarette smoke?


Environmentalism vs Social Justice

Today I was thinking about a conundrum that befalls many of today’s progressive christians (as well as progressive secularists as well).

Many environmental reforms that have been, and are being, put into action today have a negative effect on the poorest here in America. What is more important in progressive circles? Is it protecting the poorest in our country, or is it making sure that the environment is safe?

Maybe you’ve never thought of this before, so I’ll give you an example. In many places in California, communities are enforcing environmental protection laws that prohibit housing development in many of the nicest areas to live. These laws are trying to protect green areas from encroaching suburban development. What they also do is create a concrete supply of housing, which, in essence, raises property values to levels that prohibit any middle and lower income level families from moving in. If you don’t believe me, check out average housing cost in the San Francisco area. In some places, a house with 2 bedrooms and 2 baths is 800,000 dollars . The same house in Nashville would not cost more than 150,000 dollars.

Another example is the ridiculous air pollution standards that liberals want to impose on industry end up costing companies lots of money. Money that doesn’t end up coming out of the pockets of the execs, but out of the pockets of the working guys and girls. Its the same situation with raising income taxes (or creating windfall profit taxes). Things that are designed to help the poor actually hurt them.

But that’s beside the point. The question is… if you know that environmental regulation is going to hurt the poor… do you choose the Earth or the Poor?

Sean Hannity at Harding

Here’s a brief video clip.

This Modern World

Even when I was a huge Republichristian, I always loved “This Modern World”

Caught a Kitten and Hannity v Yoakum

Today, I was going to the bank to deposit a check, and all the sudden a kitten runs underneath my feet an into theĀ  undercarriage of my car.

I pulled it out from under there and took it home.

So, now I have a cat.

In other news, Cole Yoakum, a sophomore student at Harding University who stood toe to toe with Sean Hannity last week, has a blog and has something to say about the event. I respect this kid in a huge way. Its good to see that there are people at Harding who think outside the box and are willing to question things that they think go against the ideals of Christ.

And in that same vein, Greg Kendall-Ball is discussing why the argument that Hannity used against pacifism is not relevant.

Randy Harris

Last night at College Hills, Randy Harris spoke on the topic of being “Ordinary Radicals”.

He didn’t come up with this phrase on his own, its part of the subtitle of the Shane Claiborne book “Irresistable Revolution”. He spoke about how we’ve watered down Christianity and how younger people are going to have to show the adults, not just prove to them through sermons how we’re supposed to be living.

I thought it was a great topic. He made some great points (I wish I’d taken notes) but I really thought he shyed away from saying some stuff that needs to be said. He asked us to re read through the gospels and list all the things that Jesus says that we are uncomfortable with. I could think of a zillion right off the top of my head. Turn the other cheek, walk the extra mile, give your undergarment as well as your cloak, as well as things that Paul saidĀ  that expound on these statements like ‘do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good’.

Thing is though, what disappointed me, was that Randy used the situation of dealing with a crazy church of christ preacher as his enemy. Was Jesus talking about our response to people who speak ill of us? Yes. Absolutely. But I think we as a church have used these type of examples as the only means by which we are to forgive and turn the other cheek. While its not often easy to respond in a Christlike way to those people, how about the example of the would be suicide bomber, the communist, basically, the enemies of our nation? We are called to love those enemies just the same as the enemies who aren’t threatening our lives. This would have been a great opportunity for Randy to show the power of the ressurection. We do not fear death because of Christ. It frees us to love others, even when it is dangerous for us. It frees us from so many things when we don’t just look at the easy examples of loving. I don’t think anyone would disagree here in saying that it would be easier to love the guy who condemns you to hell for using instruments than it would be to love Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, or Kim Jong Il.

But over all, it was great to hear from Randy. He always brings a good message, and I’m glad that he’s more and more becoming a bigger voice in our movement.

All the C of C Blogs You Will Want to Read

John Dobbs has compiled a list of all the top rated c of c bloggers. Yours truely made the list, but he did spell my name wrong. I guess I can deal with that.