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When I turned on the radio today after training at Keller Williams and heard that the Dow Jones was down over 500 points… I’m not gonna lie, I was a little nervous.

The last time we had a drop like that, it was right after the markets opened back up post 9/11. Not a good sign.

But my anxiety has halted a bit, we’ll see what happens tomorrow. It may be time to pick up some bargain stocks. The market has been hauling tail for the last several months without any correction. Normally these corrections take place slowly, 50 points here 30 points there, and you’re down 4 or 5 percent. This one just happened all at once, and according to Jim Cramer (yeah, the guy who is crazy on CNBC) some of the safety nets we’ve had in place to prevent this kinda thing failed us today.  But the market will be back soon enough. We’re still well over the record high for the Dow during the Dot Com Boom, and until we’re down for the year, I wouldn’t worry to much.


Just when you’d had enough of Al Gore

The Tennessee Center for Policy Research checks into his utility bills.

Here’s some highlights:

– U.S. average yearly household electricity consumption — 10,656 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year

– Al Gore’s yearly energy consumption — nearly 221,000 kWh

– Al Gore’s Natural Gas bill per month — an average of 1,080 dollars PER MONTH!

Yep, that’s right global warming alarmist, and former Vice President Al Gore uses 2 times the national yearly average kWh’s per month.


Every Nation Ministries

Many of my readers are from the Nashville area, specifically Otter Creek, and they frequent the City of Brentwood. If you’ve ever been to Brentwood, you’ve probably noticed the Bethel World Outreach Center.

At first glance, this church looks like any other charasmatic mega church, but what lies beneath is something that most Nashvillians still don’t know about. That Bethel World Outreach and their family of churches called “Every Nation Ministries”, are frighteningly connected to one of the most talked about Christian Cults of the 80s, Maranatha Campus Ministries.

But its not a small connection between the two. Almost all of the leaders of Every Nation’s family of congregations were also the highest leaders of Maranatha. They’ve just reformed and figured out how to keep from getting kicked off campuses. Very little of their theology has changed, and they are still deceptive.

Here is a timeline of Maranatha’s transition into Every Nation (Created by a former member at Bethel)

Anyway, if you get interested in this, I warn you, it gets scary. The theology of this church is just ok enough to be bad. They understand the dire nature of living in the Kingdom. The problem is, they’ve completely missed the point on what the Kingdom is. They feel that God has lost control of the earth, and that he’s chosen a group of people here to win it back for him. Through force if necessary. For the last thirty years, they’ve been going hard after the Republican Party, using politicians to obtain power over our country. Don’t think for a moment that any Republican policy maker doesn’t have some sort of connection with this church. It is absolutely scary.  Their latest “annointed one” is Sam Brownback – Neocon – Kansas.

Anyway, I’ve acquired a transcript of a sermon preached when this group’s name was changing from Morning Star International to Every Nation (btw, this is short for Every Nation in a Generation). Some of the things said will blow your mind. Stuff about how God has “called us to rule over the Earth”.  If you’d like a copy, please email me and I’ll be glad to send it to you.

In the meantime, if you are a Republican, you should call your representative and let them know they need to stay far away from this group.

Now that the Al Gore lovefest is over…

Here’s a piece from the National Review online discussing the movie and global warming. I realize that the source is a neo con magazine, but it raises some good points.

And besides that, the fact that Gore refuses to discuss the claims his movie makes with skeptic scientists around the globe, and that global warming skeptics are being compared to holocaust deniers, also should raise your eyebrow.

I Promise I’m Not Dead

So I still don’t have internet in my apartment, which has mad posting rather difficult. When I get in the mood, I need to be near a computer with internet access, and not having it at home has cut down on those times.

Anyway, supposedly I will be getting the cable lines redone Monday or Tuesday of this week and things will be back to normal around here. However, I’m starting my new career in Real Estate this week and we’re getting into crunch time with the whole getting married thing, so it will be an interesting next 3 and  a half months around here.

Its been a while since I last posted

I really apologize. I’ve been crazy busy. Yesterday I packed up all my things and moved to East Nashville.  Needless to say, that was a stressful thing that I still haven’t recovered from.

The illegal immigration “debate” is delving deeper and deeper into racism over at Mike Cope’s blog. The comments are ridiculous.

 Also, some more Abilene link love, GKB has gotten the non violence ball rolling once again. Again, comments are getting crazy.

This morning I woke up and turned on the TV (I only have NBC until my cable gets hooked up) and the Today show was doing what seemed to be wall to wall coverage of Anna Nicole Smith’s death. We have two seperate wars going on, Iran continues to threaten us with nuclear weapons, and the news is talking about Anna Nicole Smith.

 Is something wrong with our priorities?