Monthly Archives: September 2008

I’m Kinda In Full Freak Out Mode

Its happened.

The myth of our free market economy has come crashing down.

Sure, they let Lehman fail, but they’ve bailed out

Bear Sterns

Fannie Mae

Freddie Mac



Who is next? WaMu? Wachovia? Could be anybody.

The way accounting is going these days, these guys are hiding what they can, legally, to try and buy time. Eventually, as we’ve seen this week especially, the truth always comes out.

Not to mention that the stock market has taken a nose dive, especially Monday, but really this entire year. Russia had to close its stock market today after a drop of 17 percent.

I just don’t believe that this is gonna be one of those things that goes away in a month or two. Something very bad is happening, and we’re gonna feel the effects for a long time.

One thing is for certain, we are seeing the end of the American Empire.


My New Favorite Show

I’ve been watching the TV show “Weeds”. Its a Showtime original series starring Mary Louise Parker. After I saw her in the West Wing and Saved, she became one of my favorite actresses.
Enough about the actual show. The theme song for the show is an old folk tune from the sixties, but its an amazing song.

Here’s the video of the intro

Why 20 Something Men Aren’t Growing Up

This article was fascinating to me, and kinda pointed out why I had trouble making friends with guys in high school and college.