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When You Mess With Capitalism

This is what happens…

I can’t seem to understand why people are surprised that when the government tries to force something that the market hasn’t changed on its own, that unintended consequences arise. You cannot legislate a problem away without causing a new problem… and that’s just the best case scenario. Many times, you don’t even fix said problem, and you cause a new one.

We should try a true free market. We’ve never done that before.


Stocking Up on Food…

We started yesterday, this came out in the Journal today.

Standard of living is gonna be going down for the near and maybe long term. Are you prepared?

The Left is Left Scratching Their Heads

Why in the world would converting corn to fuel cause massive price increases in food?

Its called supply and demand. Basic economics. The Ethanol crap needs to stop now. A new energy source will appear when it is economically viable, that’s how capitalism works. Anytime you try to change that, there are unintended consequences. This time, its going to be the starvation of hundreds of millions of people.

Here’s the money quote:

Next year, the use of US corn for ethanol is forecast to rise to 114 million tonnes – nearly a third of the whole projected US crop. American cars now burn enough corn to cover all the import needs of the 82 nations classed by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) as “low-income food-deficit countries”. There could scarcely be a better way to starve the poor.

This is not good

And the hits just keep on comin’

Think you’re paying a lot for oil now?

Not really… you’re paying the same. Its just that the government has essentially given the entire country a paycut by inflating the currency to pay for the war, social programs, prescription drugs, etc etc etc. An ounce of Gold buys the same amount of oil now as it did 5 years ago. For those of you who are novices, that means with the amount of currency available in our economy, 3.25 a gallon now is the same as 1.50 a gallon was 5 years ago. It makes sense when you realize that since then, the government has added added almost three trillion dollars to what was a ten trillion dollar economy. They inflate the money supply by 30% and the economy slows down… you got lots of dollars chasing not many goods. Welcome to the Jimmy Carter years… or maybe the new Great Depression.

Inflations Cost to the Poor

The only way for this madness to end is for us to drastically cut government spending and quit printing money. Getting out of the mess we’ve gotten in is going to be hard. Demand for goods has been artificially high, fueled by rising consumer debt, which we’ve been provided by the Fed creating more dollars. These extra dollars, combined with government regulations on production of ethanol, is causing inflation here and around the world.

But no one wants to do anything about it. We’d rather talk about universal health care or more defense funding. Even though they might not be an option for anyone in the future.

Fundamentalist Mormon Raids

I hate it when these type of things happen. On one hand, I understand why people and the government want to raid these places. Society has determined that what goes on in there is abuse, and we want to put a stop to it.I

I just wonder if we’d be saying the same things these people are if something similar happened to one of us, who is in the mainstream. If the government busted into your house and took your children, claiming that what you believed was abusive to them, how would you feel?