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A paragraph is probably insufficient to describe myself aptly. I’m 23 years old and married to a wonderful woman. I’m seeking daily to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, and to find out what being a Christian really means in the 21st century. I like baseball a little more than I like golf and I like music a little more than either of these. I enjoy reading and writing but not so much ‘rithmatic. There was a time when I was a Republichristian. That time has passed. I am thankful to have been born in the United States of America, but I’m an immigrant here. My true citizenship is in the kingdom of God. I have two younger brothers who make me laugh. Most of the time at myself. I have two parents who did an award winning job raising me, who I love and respect in ways I can’t describe. I have a tendency to make fun of people. Its something I’m working on, but struggle with daily. I’m a fan of Brian McLaren and a friend of Emergent. I am the worship minister for the Hermitage church of Christ in Nashville.  I enjoy an occasional cigar. I’m enjoying life and trying to live it more abundantly.


10 responses to “About Me

  1. justin,
    thanks for the link! i appreciate it! however, my site address has changed from aaronmonts.voxtropolis.com to aaronmonts.com

    if you’d update that i’d really appreciate it! thanks man! 🙂

  2. Hi Justin. Great points today on Mike Copes Blog (about Foley). I also post on Elrods blog so we may cross paths there as well.

    Did you go to HU at all?

    I’ll be adding you to my blog list as well.

  3. hey justin.
    I appreciated your comments on Mike’s blog about illegal immigration. I think you represent and articulate an opinion many of our generation are beginning to live into. Thanks for staying in the conversation even when you were treated like an “alien.”

  4. Judy Desjardins

    I am a woman over 50, and I like to try to understand how younger people think and experience life. I found your website by accident today. You see, a couple of nights ago, I watched a TV show on NBC, “My Name is Earl.” I was totally shocked. We never watch network TV. My husband and I are Christians, we have been since the 70’s. Growing up in the late 60’s and 70’s, we were brought up to be open-minded and question authority. I could cannot characterize my political, social, or Christian viewpoint in any one category, such as liberal or conservative. i know that younger people don’t just want to believe what other people tell them, they want to experience life for themselves. I have experienced life and spirituality. But my open-mindedness is beginning to hurt. I thought that sensible people would see for themselves that pornography doesn’t enhance life, that juvenile behavior has to end at some point, and that worshipping the body, the creation, rather than the Creator, was a dead end street. I was wrong. I went on the internet to see what other shows are on TV. I have heard of Desperate Housewives, and some of the others that are like that. You see, at one point, I thought that it would all be OK, that God would just save the day, and all we need is love. Love is the answer of course. Our generation didn’t live out the morality standard of the Bible. My parents were divorced, and I can see how terrible a sin that is. Perhaps your parents were, too? I don’t hate sinners; I just feel the world has gotten out of control, and our generation in partly to blame for it! I have lived a self-centered life, as have many of my friends. We haven’t made a difference in our communities, and now we feel it might be too late. We didn’t lift up Christ by exhibiting His character and grace. Some Christians are just mean, and that is not right, and does not represent Christ in the earth. But some Christians have had a wake up call and that is why they are activated. I was brought up and still live in Massachusetts. I was not brought up to be a flag-waver, quite the contrary. I was against the war in Vietnam, and I am against the way the war in Iraq has transpired. But something happened to me in 2001, even before 9-11. I began to hear God speak to me that America has a purpose, and that we need to find out what that is and stand for it. I believe that purpose is to take the Gospel to the world. In order for the freedom that we enjoy, the prosperity, to continue, there has to be a return to Biblical morality and God’s blessing, first in the church, and then out in the marketplace. We are losing our grip on God’s purpose, when we focus on personal or individual freedoms without balancing that with personal repsonsibilities. And without a foundation, we have nothing to stand on and we are already over the edge and friends with the world, which is not being on God’s side. That is why I struggle with how to deal with gay marriage. I live in Massachusetts. I never voted for gay marriage, but what if it was voted in ? Would that make it right? There has to be a higher law in operation. Christians have tried to be wise as serpents in dealing with society, because not everyone is an idealist like myself. Someone has to go into the dog eat dog world and try to make a difference. Some are off base and God will deal with that. The older I get, the more I see, that God works everything out for good. He uses the politicians, the average person, the viewpoints of various people groups, bloggers, etc. He is the one who rules over nations. But I see the greatest danger today is that people do not believe in ulitimate truth of any sort. They believe only what they want to believe, because of how they experience life. This view is ultimately the most close-minded view I have ever seen. I am scared about how the government, whoever that is, lies, and I am scared about how people against the government lie. I have to really trust God to survive. The Bible has been my source for life, and it has to remain the truth for me. That is why homosexual behavior is not good at all for society, when it is right out in the open. God says that he hates divorce. He tells us to love each other. But I think love sometimes means to slap someone up the side of their head and say, “Stop, you’re killing yourself.”

  5. Thanks for the link to my blog!

  6. Hi,

    I’m a cult counselor who has just picked up a client from Every Nation Ministries. Could you email me a copy of any material you have on this group? Thanks so much!


  7. hey – would love any information you have about every nation. please email me – I am trying to reach out to a friend!


  8. Hi Ryan (and Justin),

    See this thread: https://justinmundie.wordpress.com/2007/02/26/every-nation-ministries/.

    It would be good to have a real discussion, but at least you get to read several perspectives in the thread.

    Thanks and take care 🙂

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  10. Thank you for your great serving.

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