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If you still think that neocons aren’t obsessed with war…

This should remove the blinders from your eyes.

President Bush could have effected regime change in Iraq for a measly billion dollars… Saddam would have just left. But instead, he wanted to wage a war that’s cost our country 2 trillion as well as countless American and Iraqi lives.

The Republicans are not the people you elected in 94… they are statists hell bent on dominating the world through force.

And it is absolutely despicable that Christians still support this man.

Bad Professors

My wife has an evil professor.

I know that I’m one prone to exaggeration, but let me assure you that this is as damn near objective as I can be.

When Carrie first told me that he teacher was mean, I wondered how bad it was. I don’t like people mistreating my wife, and it can get me pretty steamed, but I said just keep at it.

That was a mistake. I wish now that she’d dropped the class.

This professor has berated Carrie to the point of tears twice all ready this semester.

Twice. And school hasn’t even been in session a month.

What does this teacher do?  Lets get some quotes from her reviews at

Now on these questions your last name is beside the one or the ones that you are going to be answering. Let me tell you this…if you don’t have the answer she wants or if you have a totally different opinion then you are just WRONG and she will make you look like a total idiot infront of the whole class. By the middle of the semester there were only a total of about 8 people left in my class. 

DO NOT TAKE THIS TEACHER. If you do, you are a glutton for punishment and must be beaten relentlessly until you decide that you want to actually pass. She will not help, she makes an effort to embarrass you publicly in class, and she does not even remember what assignment you are supposed to be working on. I can go on for much longer, but I get angry even thinking about her as a paid employee of the MTSU Professorial staff. My first day, there were about 30 people, but by day 8, there were about 8 left. I am an intelligent human being and hold defensible, reasoned opinions, but I believe that she will disagree with anyone for the sake of belittling them in front of other people.

Please do yourself (and your GPA) a favor and stay far away from this woman. I would set myself on fire before I would take her class again! We were never sure exactly what she expected from us. She even refused to answer our questions. She is the rudest and the worst teacher I have ever known. I don’t know why she teaches- she obviously doesn’t want to educate or help students

 She is very rude and has no respect for anyone. She DEMANDS to be called DR. but you better believe you are called nothing but by your last name. She is very demeaning and is capable of making anyone feel stupid….Two or three students went to the dean of her dept. and like many others in the past was told to keep written records of what she did they didn’t approve of and like all other times nothing was done.

And this is the kicker, from a mid thirties student…

I have completed 75 hours of classes in one year, and was able to keep my GPA at a 4.0 (that is until this class). Thanks to Jackson, my GPA is now destroyed even though I went to the writing center EVERYDAY, used the smart-thinking website, and also received tutoring from a literature major that graduated Valedictorian of her class–all of that was still not good enough. The writing center’s staff was also at their wits-end trying to decipher exactly what Jackson wanted. Nothing was ever good enough; it was a nightmarish experience; it literally made me sick. It does absolutely no good to complain to the English Department about how Jackson treats her students–don’t waste your time. She has tenure, which apparently gives her the right to treat her students with disrespect and even harassment. 

All of these complaints echo nearly everything Carrie has said. And I tell you what, it bothers me how disrespectful this woman is. Being a difficult (or even nearly impossible) class to pass is one thing, but the blatant disrespect this woman shows other human beings, in my opinion, borders on harassment and verbal abuse.

Any lawyers out there have any ideas on what can be done? I’ve tried calling the English Department and the told me that it “wasn’t my problem.” I almost said bulls*** but decided against it and just told them that was a load of crap. I’m paying for school, its my wife, it becomes my problem as well. They told me Carrie has to go talk to the teacher about it. Yes, the student that’s afraid of the teacher (for good reason) should go talk to her… that sounds like its going to accomplish something. And apparently the department knows what’s going on… it sounds like plenty of people have complained and were told the same thing (which is also what I was told) she’s tenured and has the right to conduct class however she wants. Apparently that includes verbal abuse and harassment.

So, should I lawyer up? Record the professor and go to the media? MCB… can I get some help on this?

This Guy Understands

I am totally with him on the ambiguity of the Christian position on war.

As Christians, I think its fairly clear that we should be non violent people. If we believe in the Resurrection, we have no reason to fear death, from terrorists, from our own government, or from the gangbangers that live down the street.

But, its not our calling to change government policy to one of non violence. God uses armies to punish sin… he may use terrorists to punish sin as well. I don’t know.

But what I do know is that while Christians should not support war, we have no right to try and force our morality through law on this country, or any country. Christians operate from a power under position… its a groundswell of love that doesn’t need the threat of force to achieve its objective. We need just the opposite… the willingness to lay down our lives (not kill others republichristians) for those who despise us.

The Christian Left nor the Christian Right should be trying to force their morality on others. If we vote, lets vote for someone who has values similar to ours, but recognizes that our country affords certain rights to everyone.

To My “Conservative” Readers

I’ve got a couple questions:

What is victory or success in Iraq?

Is there a point at which you’d say we need to just leave?

If you found out definitively that Bush knew there were no WMDs, would that change your perspective on this war?

And the hits just keep on coming….

Via Drudge: Greenspans says Iraq War for Oil

I’d started wondering more and more about motivations for this war as I read a little into the business side of what’s going on. Apparently, right before the invasion, Saddam had been trying to trade oil in Euros. For as long as we’ve been trading oil, oil has been bought and sold in US Dollars, giving a boost to our floundering, monopoly money. If someone starts trading oil in Euros, which are worth more than out dollar, that would be a huge hit to our economy.

And then we invaded and subsequently occupied Iraq.

And just recently, Iran has been trying to trade oil in currency other than the dollar.

Now the war drums are beating again.



This is probably not a good thing.