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Its been a busy month. I haven’t updated in quite a while due to numerous reasons, not to mention busyness (is that how you spell that).

When is John Kerry gonna get some momentum. I’ve been waiting and waiting to have to defend Bush’s ability to pull off this election and it seems the more Kerry tries to define himself the less defined he’s actually getting. At this point in 1984 and 1996, President’s Reagan and Clinton were actually lower in the polls than Bush is today. Reagan went on to win in a landslide over Walter Mondale and Geraldine Feeeraroooooo. (Could just be me, but when Mondale said he wanted to raise taxes…. maybe thats not such a good idea)

Kerry has stated his desire to give 4000 dollar college grants to anyone who pledges to work in some sort of social program (where are these 4000 dollar grants coming from? Thats right, your tax dollars) Sounds like a good idea right? Help more people go to college. Actually, this scheme to grab voters will never accomplish the goals that it promises to accomplish. As we’ve long known, in a free market society, colleges will raise tutitions in order to continue bringing in the best students it possibly can. They will see what they can do to the campus when they add 4000 dollars to tutition…. they will still be able to bring in the same amount of students as before, but they can build a ton more stuff cause they are essentially getting 4000 more dollars a student for school. The only way Kerry’s plan could work is if they initiated price caps and everyone with any economic sense knows what happens with price caps.

Just another reason to just say no to Kerry.



I’m sure I really don’t need to elaborate on this story.

US Jobless Claims in Three-Year Low

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The number of Americans filing initial claims for jobless aid dropped sharply last week to the lowest in more than three years, the government said on Thursday in a further sign of a reviving employment market.

First-time claims for state unemployment insurance fell 14,000 in the week ended April 3 to 328,000 – the lowest level since just before President Bush (news – web sites) took office – from 342,000 the prior week, the Labor Department (news – web sites) said.

The unexpectedly large drop in claims likely will garner close attention both at the Federal Reserve (news – web sites) and the White House.

The drop in claims far exceeded forecasts by Wall Street economists who had predicted a decline of just 2,000. The Labor Department said last week’s weekly level of jobless claims was the smallest since 320,000 in the week of Jan. 13, 2001.

Last week, the government reported a sharp surge in new jobs during March with 308,000 positions added to payrolls, and the decline in jobless claims adds to evidence that hiring conditions may be on the upswing after a long drought.

The apparent pickup in employment may also hasten an end to a long era of low interest rates, which saw the Federal Reserve cut its key lending rate for overnight loans between banks to a 1958 low. The Fed regularly cites its concern about slack labor markets as a reason for keeping rates low, though the recent jobs data suggest the slack is being taken up.

Weak hiring has been a hot issue in the campaign for November’s presidential elections, with Democrats highlighting the overall loss of jobs since Bush took office while administration officials maintain an economic upswing will soon give rise to job growth.

The Labor Department’s four-week moving average of new claims, which irons out weekly fluctuations, declined 3,250 last week to 336,750 – the lowest since 335,750 in the week of Nov. 25, 2000.


If I hear one more word about how outsourcing is destroying our country I’m going to puke. In all honesty, are people just completely stupid? Have they taken any economics classes? I haven’t taken formal classes and even I know that outsourcing actually brings more jobs back to the country. I don’t want to go into deep economic theory on this, but, it doesn’t take too much to make sense of this.

The main reason for outsourcing, is greater output for less money. When you can hire two workers in one place for the price of one worker in another place, even if you sacrifice a small amount of quality, its made up for in quantity, your company will make more money and will be able to sell a cheaper product, thereby giving you an advantage over the competition, forcing your competition to find ways to lower their prices, or make a better product for the same price, and everybody wins. Not only that, but since products cost less, companies in America can afford to hire more workers, (yeah, thats you) and the cycle continues.

Another thing that is bothering me, is how people blame the President for their losing their job. THE PRESIDENT DOES NOT HIRE OR FIRE ANYONE! All the President can do is try and create the right climate for individuals to create jobs. Also, lets think about this. Alot of people want the government to secure their jobs, but they don’t realize the reprecusions of their flawed policies. Sure it sounds good on paper to say, “No one is allowed to fire people anymore.” so that everyone has job security. But lets look at the consequences of that idea.

Before we had refridgerators, ice men delivered ice to people to put in an ice box, where the kept their food cold. When refrigerators became so numerous that ice men were no longer needed, they lost their jobs. Should we have banned people from using refrigerators because it would have caused the ice man to be without work? NO! Thats ridiculous. If the government decided that everyone shoudl have job security, than no new inventions would be able to be created that could possibly harm any sector of jobs.

In conclusion, if this doesn’t make sense to you, go to North Korea.


So, we have 308,000 more jobs as of last month, and I turn on Air America radio and what do I hear? I can sum it up in just a few words, “Broadcasted from a secret bunker 3500 feet below Dick Cheney’s, Air America radio– what the evil Right is scared of, bush is a LIAR! LIAR!, cause the economy is in the toilet” I don’t know about your opinions, but that sounds like a winning formula to me, I mean, I just can’t believe Liberals aren’t all ready dominating the airwaves with gloom and doom and Al Franken obnoxiously yelling liar anytime a conservative of any prominence is mentioned. Who wouldn’t want to listen to that?

In regards to AA, (which is what I’ll refer to it as from now on) let me make a prediction as to whats going to happen in the future. I’m not sure the time frame on this, but its not going to be all that far off. Basically, unless AA comes across some sort of tremendous funding; ie George Soros, or [insert wealthy yahoo lib here] they will go out of business. It all goes back to the free market. If there were enough people nationwide that could support a Liberal Radio host, there would all ready be one. Despite the popular belief that evil Clear Channel Radio is out only to promote Republicans, the truth of it is that Clear Channel is out to make money. If there’s a large enough market to support a Liberal host and bring in money to Clear Channel, they wouldn’t hesitate to put them on the radio, but the truth is, Liberal hosts can’t make it in a free market like radio. Its been tried time after time, with failure being the largest common denominator.

So, in conclusion, I say there’s no need to worry about AA. It will die with its former brethren in the arena of Liberal Talk Radio.