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Wal Mart helped most during Katrina

Its amazing how, because they have more incentive to meet the needs of their customers, private business is more efficient in helping after a disaster.


Why Heaven Isn’t Where We Finish Up

Backyard Missionary drops a lengthy quote from N.T. Wright. I wish everyone in Christendom could read this passage.

This is Christianity

Man, I absolutely love hearing stories like this. What makes me angry is that, often times, those that react to violence this way are not Christians. Well, then again, maybe they are. They are the ones that are acting like Christ. Unlike many of us who resort to violence as a first defense.

I Haven’t Harped on Universal Health Care in a while…

but this stuck out at me over at Lew Rockwell’s site. Apparently in the UK, 4 of 10 women in labor are turned away at the hospital (this is not the exact link I wanted, but its broken right now) their health system has stopped paying for a drug that saves people with a lung disease, and a 61 year old woman was turned down for a 10,000 dollar heart surgery because she was too old.

Man… its great that these people are being served by selfless bureaucrats and not greedy capitalists.

A government that is powerful enough to give you universal health care is also powerful enough to deny you care.

53 Trillion Dollar Asteroid

Glenn Beck asks why politicians aren’t doing anything about this? I wanna know why more citizens aren’t worried about this? And why they still think we need more government programs.

Somebody help me out here…

American Idol, Ron Paul, and will the country always elect someone chosen by the media

I watched American Idol last night. I do every week. Its not my favorite show, but Carrie loves it, so I do what any good husband should.

Anyway, Carrie and I have been noticing a phenomenon recently regarding who stays and goes on Idol. Pretty much, no matter how bad you sing, if Simon says its good, you’ll be back in the next round. I have yet to see America vote differently.

Now I will tell you, one might ask whether or not Simon just says bad things to bad singers. Not necessarily. This season, Kristy Lee Cook is STILL on the show, and to be polite, she sucks. Hard. Also, David Hernandez lasted two weeks longer than he should have, on Simon’s comments alone. One week he was so out of tune that I had to mute the television, and Simon said it was his “best performance of the competition”.¬† And he didn’t go home that week. Basically, what Carrie and I have noticed is that the viewers of Idol are easily manipulated by Simon… which I’m sure he knew going into this TV show. He could essentially pick the winner, and make the ratings good, all by how he doles out his praise and criticism.

My question is, how much does the media affect the election? Would people have thought Ron Paul was crazy if they hadn’t heard story after story after story¬† where the mainstream media said that he was? Can the American people elect a President against the will of the media?

More Government Irresponsibility Being Protected by Government Courts

I can’t comment on this. Its absolutely revolting. Realize my friends, that our governments are trying to ban homeschooling.