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I can’t begin to speak my thoughts on the happenings in the past couple days. Most of all the apology today, but just this whole prisoner “scandal” in general.

First of all THIS IS NOT TORTURE! I don’t know how much that can be stressed. Humiliation, yes. Some gross stuff, sure. But this is not torture. Torture is burning people alive. Torture is raping a man’s daughter in front of him, cutting off his son’s fingers until he confesses to a crime he didn’t committ, sticking a human being into a woodchipper, feet first, so that you don’t die first, but get to feel the pain.

Do you know why this was going on? It wasn’t for the humor of our troops. We aren’t allowed, under the Geneva Convention, to really do anything that would help us obtain information from the terrorists and other people who were captured. Any form of physical contact is all but banned. You basically have to give the people the same luxery they’d receive in a freakin Hilton hotel, and you expect them to give you information? That is ridiculous. These steps were taken because in their culture, it is shameful for a man to see another man naked, and it is shameful for a woman to hold any authority over a man. They took these pictures and showed them to terrorists while they were being questioned to “soften them up” so that they would hopefully be more willing to talk. I realize it looks really bad, but there have been reports of these such things before, and were you upset? NO! The pictures are what made you upset. You’ve got to put all this into context. WE ARE AT WAR! War is not a pretty thing. Being a prisoner of war shouldn’t be a cakewalk. Granted, we should hold ourselves to a higher standard, but at some point we’ve got to try and win this thing, and we’ve got to realize that the people we are humiliating…. THEY ARE THE ONES TRYING TO KILL OUR TROOPS! With the exception of a few, few unfortunate people, these are terrorists, al quada loyalists, baathists and other such undesirables that are blowing up our guys when they’re out helping old ladies cross the street. We just have no idea, no idea what our best and brightest are going through right now.
Some of the Congressional Democrats even have the gall to call for Rumsfelds resignation. That’s logical, since no one knows if he gave the order to do this. He’s not responsible for any of this crap, especially if he didn’t know it was going on. Oh, but actually he did know it was going on, back in Oct and Nov of last year when this actually happened. Did you know that? Yeah, the only reason we know about this is because THE PENTAGON THOUGHT IT CROSSED THE LINE AND INVESTIGATED IT. And all you yahoos who truely believe that we should just disband as a country because we’re all to blame for the acts of a small group of soldiers should know that the only reason you know about this is because the people you wish to get out of office, the people who are making sure you have the freedom to say ridiculous things like “Rumsfeld should resign,” or “Bush should have choked on a pretzel,” are the ones who were upset enough about this happening in the first place to make sure some heads roll because of it. They are undermining our effort in Iraq some in order to pacify you people who just don’t understand what’s really going on over there. If I seem just a little upset, its because I am.
Now, to appease the appeasers, Bush is out there apologizing for the actions of the small group of troops and giving the Left a great oppertunity to make a new political ad. Why are they requesting that Bush apologize? Its not to help him thats for sure. If it were the right thing to do, they wouldn’t want Bush to do it because it would help him. When he apologizes it makes him look like a weak leader. While we’re on the subject of apologies, where were the calls for Clinton to apologize to Bosnia and Milosevic? Where are the Clinton apologies to Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, etc. Or his apologies to the Rwandans? Or the apology to Haiti for putting a corrupt guy in power. Don’t see any apologies there. Or how about Osama and Al Quada apologizing for the first trade center bombing, the embassy bombings, the USS Cole, and knocking down two of our buildings full of people. This is INSANE! I dont’ know how much longer I can deal with this. But, my hope comes from the fact that the majority of the American people understand a lot of these things. They know pictures don’t tell the whole story. They know our soldiers are under a huge amount of stress. They know that the Liberals are only after recapturing their power. They know that our safety is being made into a political issue, and I don’t think they are going to stand for it much longer. This frenzy over the alleged “torture” is not being fed by our people or the Iraqi people; its being fed by the Democrats, and their friends in the partisan media and the American people know that.

On a much brighter, happier note about our Commander in Chief, check out this picture

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First off I want to express my disgust at the charges of some of our armed servicemen abusing Iraqi prisoners. Unacceptable. I saw the graphic images that are most likely being used as propganda in the Arab world to incite more violence against our troops, and it made me sick. I know that anyone who supports the war is also just as upset about these images as I am. We went over there to try and end terrorism, by showing them the benefits of freedom, and how we aren’t barbaric like their dictator Saddam Hussein. Now we have probably created a whole new group of terrorists. These guys have been telling moderate arabs that we abuse people, and all other sorts of lies, and then come to find out, we’ve got some redneck wastes of humanity that are doing the same thing to Iraqi prisoners. Unbelievable.

On a lighter note, JFK fell off his bike, it appears that he wasn’t injured but, apparently he is going to have some more “shoulder surgery” (BOTOX!)

i was perusing across one of my favorite websites for gossip, and news about politics, the drudge report and i found this article. it seems as if almost all of the officers that served with John F Kerry aren’t what one might call avid supporters of his being Commander in Chief.

Hmm —- lets check it out.