Best line of the Faux News Debate

Chris Wallace: Do you take your marching orders from Al Qaeda?

Ron Paul: No I take my orders from the constitution.

Chris Mathews got pwned.


12 responses to “Best line of the Faux News Debate

  1. Michael James Gossett

    + 1 RP

    I was concerned initially because he wasn’t getting much time to speak. Thankfully he got that shoot-out with Huckabee for a good few rounds. Some of these candidates are clowns.

  2. Dude, I’m sorry. I’ve watched his clips on YouTube. Huckabee got much more applause for his comments than Paul in that exchange. The other candidates openly laughed at him, and even when he’s right, he sounds like a kook. Sorry, bro, but Paul is nowhere near viable as a realistic candidate.

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  5. Uhm, yeah. I watched it too, and Paul had no substantive logical response to Wallace or likely genocide in Iraq if we left. It made Paul look really bad is what actually happened.

    But whoever was laughing every time Paul had to speak was very disrespectful, and pissed even me off.

  6. I think, given the amount of time RP had to respond to many of these sarcastic “questions” he did a great job.

    And again, I echo Ron Paul… why should we believe the neocons about a post withdrawal slaughter when they were the same people who said we’d be greeted “as liberators”?

    And how long must we stay in a combat role in Iraq before we save face? How long is too long? At what point do we lose enough American soldiers and Iraqi civilians that withdrawal is a better option than staying?

    Will there be bloodshed when we leave? Probably. Will it be more than there is currently in Iraq? I don’t think anyone can say for sure. Will American soldiers be the ones killed there when we leave? Nope.

    I think its high time that we realize our jingoistic republican party is no longer the party of conservatism by the part of fascism and statism. Trust the government because the government would never do anything wrong. Anytime someone disagrees, attack their patriotism. War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. And on and on.

  7. Everyone here is correct. Ron Paul is probably right on about iraq but he did come off as a restaurant grade curmudgeonly kook.

  8. Ron Paul seems like a real nut job, I thought that the guys in white coats would come out any minute and take him back to the nut house.

    what happened when we abandoned Vietnam will only happen in Iraq if we cut and run like the Dems and Alqueda want us to….Iran already said that they will fill the void. Are you people that hateful of President Bush, that you refuse to see reality?

  9. Voice, do you mean that if we leave Iraq…Iraq will stabilize and will eventually be one of the fastest growing trading partners with us? Because that is what happened when we left Vietnam.

    Voice, I like how on your blog you say that you are speaking from a “conservative” point of view on your blog, yet you call the only conservative running for President a “real nut job”. I know its been a long time since Reagan and Goldwater, but it hasn’t been that long.

  10. First of all the only true conservative running for president is Fred Thompson and maybe Tom Tancredo but as for your first ridiculous liberal type statement about Vietnam, just to refresh your liberal memory….one unmistakable legacy of Vietnam is that the price of America’s withdrawal was paid by millions of innocent citizens, whose agonies would add to our vocabulary new terms like ‘boat people,’ ‘re-education camps’ and ‘killing fields,’ ” can you say the far left sucks?

  11. Would those millions of citizens have been murdered if we’d never gone into Vietnam in the first place?

    Before you start saying ANYTHING about the only real conservative, maybe you should do a little research. Ronald Reagan tried the whole interventionism thing in Beruit, and when he realized the “irrationality” of Middle East politics, he got the heck out of there.

    True, old school, genuine conservatism is non interventionist. Its distrustful of the government, and it wants the government to stay the hell out of our business. The people that started these insane wars that have nothing to do with our national security were the democrats. Those guys left the democrat party and became the Neoconservatives (also known as fascists) and they’ve shown their true colors in this election. They took over GWB’s foreign policy (if you remember, he ran on non interventionism) after 9/11 and unless we do something, like pull our troops out of these unwinnable conflicts, we’re gonna have a problem with Russia and China soon. They know we’re vulnerable, and they’re beefing up.

    Lets get out of the Middle East. Lets get the government off our backs. Let’s get back to sound money so we don’t have these “bubbles” in the market, and lets have real free trade rather than privileged trade like our trade agreements are now.

    And do a little research Voice.

  12. A little research? are you really that naive that you would believe, or want others to believe that the world is the same place as it was 30 years ago?

    Which democrats left the party to become Fascist neocons????? Can you name any

    Why don’t you get a clue and realize that the hijacked democrat party are now far left socialist hacks and want more drones to think that way and spread your propaganda. You are no conservative! You state that the Democrats started these insane wars which have nothing to do with our national security….As much as I detest the Dems. I have to say….Are you nuts? do you really believe what you are saying? you sound just like your hero Paul another wacko. What do you mean the war is “Unwinnable”? You sound just like all the other anti war anti American losers using the same catch phrases as you do here. Who are you trying to fool? The only statement that you made, with any truth to it was that conservatives want less government than the Demorats do. Why do you call us, the, USA, “Vulnerable” and want to “pull our troops out of these unwinnable conflicts” That is just more of the left’s hate speech that you are spreading. Fred Thompson is definately a conservative and I see that you, what ever you stand for, and other like moderates that would call themselves conservatives, don’t like to hear that! Well too bad.

    How dare you bring the name of Ronald Reagan into your agenda!!! You state that Interventionism is not the conservative way then you try to say that President Reagan was practicing interventionism by trying his hand in the middle east then got the hell out. Are you saying President Reagan was no conservative? That man was the best president who showed what true conservatism was all about….

    BTW GWB was and is not a conservative and he never claimed to be but at least he was better than the alternatives running at the time. Please peddle your propaganda to someone else as I don’t have anymore time to expose your agenda here. You now have enough rope to hang yourself and you will see that not that many people can be fooled by your redereck and liberal propaganda. Get a clue and the USA RULES!!!! God Bless America!

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